Inmold Inovations

On Saturday, December 2nd, at Inmold 4.0, we held our second internal event titled “Together Towards Excellence – The Power of Innovation as a Bridge to a Successful Future.” It was an exceptionally inspiring moment where we managed to connect technical experts from different sectors within our company.

The main goal of this event was to strengthen collaboration among employees, giving them the opportunity to share their achievements and ideas that we consider crucial for future success. We also had the honor of hosting a special guest, Mr. Momir Đekić, whose presence inspired everyone and shed light on the path of innovation in our daily activities.

This was just the first step in building bridges toward the future. We will continue to organize such events to encourage the exchange of ideas and enhance innovations within our company. Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to this special atmosphere.

Expect many more inspiring moments in the future, as together we build the path to a better tomorrow!