Inmold becomes the member of VDWF

The tradition of professional associating in the Association of German tool and mold makers (VDWF), almost exclusively from German speaking regions, has been broken with for the first time by a company from Southeast Europe, after the admission of Inmold in this prestigious global association. Thanks to this, an honor and a responsibility for Inmold, Serbia got its representative among the best toolmakers in the world.

Together with over 400 members of VDWF, Inmold will be able to share its experiences with others as well as use the advantages of mutual exchange of ideas related to development of toolmaking. By becoming a member, our company gets the chance to, along with world’s leading toolmakers, use the privilege of access to the latest scientific research from over 20 universities who work closely with VDWF.

In addition to supporting its members with the goal of assuring their competitiveness on the market, VDWF directs a large portion of its potential towards research and development of new processes in tool-making and efficient machining of new materials which is a basis of future technological development. The concept of associating advocated by the toolmaking members is completely compatible with the development strategy and managerial structure’s vision of Inmold, and therefore this membership is not a precedent for VDWF, but it rather follows the logic of gathering the leaders in this branch of business. 

For Inmold, becoming a member of this renowned association is not only a recognition of its quality in the production of top-quality moulds for plastic injection and automation in production processes, but also a chance to learn and implement the latest ideas and concepts by exchanging experiences with the best in this branch.