Investment in the future – Inmold’s apprentices 2020

One company’s path towards making a profit can also be judged as successful depending on to what extent it participates in social processes, from local to the widest community. In 2011, Inmold company played an important part in initiating and practical realization of dual education in the Republic of Serbia. From that day up until today, participation models as well as investments in the education of young people have risen with regards to quality and scope.

The fact that, at this moment, 30 young people are the recipients of the Inmold scholarships and that 10 more have the status of candidates, speaks a lot about how our company considers education not only an investment but also a contribution to the future of the community.

Through the model of scholarships provided by Inmold, 6 girls and 32 boys will have the possibility to be more comfortable in planning the other elements of their future along with school education. This kind of advantage for our students is available not only on the company’s domicile location, but also in a wider area, since it cooperates with four technical schools in the Zlatibor county. 

25 students of the Požega Technical School, 5 of which are girls, are recipients of the Inmold scholarship. Another girl, along with her 7 schoolmates from Machine – Electrotechnical High School in Priboj, as well as students of the Technical School in Kosjerić and Technical School in Užice, four and two of them respectively, are also the reasons we take pride in our achievements in the field of education. 

In addition to scholarship recipients at Inmold, two students are being educated in accordance with the dual education model for the occupation of welder-machinist. Third degree of vocational education for which these two young future technicians are preparing is also possible to achieve at the Machining operator course. The technician title, that is IV degree of vocational education in our company, according to the same model of education, can be achieved on the following courses: computer operation, mechatronics and electro-technical computer technician. Interesting for young generations also because they match their everyday habits, the mentioned courses are largely a propulsive part of movement of a part of industry within the world economy.

Along with professional improvement with the help of 7 mentors, top experts in their professional branches, students who attend lectures at Inmold in the system of dual education are able to, from a very young age, incorporate in their value system business and ethical norms of the highest standards. Corporate policy of Inmold, among other things, is based on a traditional system of moral values but also on constant improvement and perfecting of knowledge and skills of employees which represents a great initial momentum for the career of every young man.

Our company’s openness towards cooperating with educational institutions in our county resulted in a constant growth of students’s interest in enrolling in courses where knowledge and skills are practically applicable in our area of business. The fact that such a way of acquiring knowledge and business competencies is mutually beneficial for young people and for the company is proven by the number of children who attend practical education at Inmold, which has been growing significantly throughout this year, at a rate much higher than expected.