“Step Forward” award – a motive and a challenge for even more success in our business operations

“Inmold” company finished 2020, a year which will be remembered by a series of serious challenges for the entire world economy, with an extremely significant award “Step Forward” given by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. 

In the challenging circumstances which marked the year behind us, “Inmold” proved to be an agile and flexible company which found ways and means to continue fulfilling the business plans it had set before, achieving above-average results in several areas, results which were valorized by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. The results that “Inmold” achieved in 2020 from the point of view of innovation, overall business activities and increase of reputation of the entire region, were duly recognized by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, while our socially responsible attitude towards the region in which we do business also contributed to the overall assessment thanks to which the award ‘’Step Forward’’ became a part of our company’s awards collection.

This recognition was accepted within our company as a reward for all the efforts in implementing new technologies, modernization of business procedures, brave performances on the market, and the results achieved which overlap to and thus contribute to the well-being of the wider community. 

Considering a range of factors which were summed up by the ‘’Step Forward’’ award, it is our company management’s assessment that this award should not serve in the first place as a glorification of our achievements, but rather as a motive and a new challenge to achieve even better results in the future period.