Application of genetic algorithms and artificial neural networks within companies in Western Serbia

The emergence of AI systems is not new and their use can be observed in various spheres of life – from health, transport, and agriculture to manufacturing and finance, also testified Dr. Milovan Milivojević, the founder of Olympia.DataCore and research associate at the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Based on his personal scientific and professional experience and the projects he has conducted and participated in over the last 10 years, Professor Milivojević gave an overview of the state of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) application in companies in Western Serbia and Republika Srpska.

Dr. Milivojević focused on the application of Genetic Algorithms (GA) and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) as a basis for Deep Learning (DL).

During the lecture, we had the opportunity to see the presentation of the demo software ANN /GA developed by the lecturer and his team in the last decade. The position of hybrid ANN /GA heuristics in production processes related to metal, plastic, furniture, electricity, and drinking water treatment was described.

A fruitful discussion followed, as well as the initialization and the guidelines for the future steps in this field established by Mr. Goran Janković. It was concluded that there are significant opportunities for the implementation of AI/ANN/ GA in the INMOLD ecosystem. Last but not least, we agreed that a fast step towards the adoption of MES and AI&ML concepts into INMOLD practice is mandatory.

Is artificial intelligence less than our intelligence?