For almost two decades, INMOLD has provided the service of producing highly precise machine and spare parts, used by companies all over the world. Whether it be milling, turning, drilling, eroding or grinding, INMOLD can meet high standards of quality and short lead times. 

Our machine park consists of over 70 machine tools, ready to fulfill even the most complex demands for machining. Such a wide range of available machines enables us to offer our customers both small and large parts, ranging from less to the most demanding materials.

Our expertise and understanding of production processes enables us to offer our clients improved quality and innovative approach to production. A team of experienced engineers and skilled technicians stands at Your disposal so that Your virtual models can be turned into a real product.

Precise machining

Combining experienced technicians and modern machines to produce precisely machined parts


In addition to producing, we also offer the service of assembling (assemblies and sub-assemblies)

Inventory management

We monitor the situation in the magazine and deliver parts when you need them


Professional packing to ensure safe transport to the customer`s plant


Flexible and efficient organizational structure tailored to customer`s needs


We can take care of parts transportation, so that you do not have to worry about it

Renowned suppliers

We maintain partnerships with renowned global suppliers of materials and standard parts


Our employees are trained professionals who are able to skillfully do more than one thing


Quality is a basis for our business and it does not depend on what we produce and for whom

 Type of machining   Maximum part dimensions
 CNC horizontal milling  2000x2000x1800 mm
 CNC 5-axis vertical milling  6000x3000x1500 mm
 CNC horizontal turning  Ø800×1000 mm
 CNC vertical turning  Ø1000×800 mm
 CNC high-speed milling  400x400x450 mm
 CNC grinding  2000x1000x800 mm
 CNC wire-cut EDM machining  350x550x400 mm
 CNC electrode EDM machining  525x400x450 mm
 JIG drilling  900x600x635 mm
 JIG grinding  800x800x450 mm
 Deep drilling  1000 mm


Machined parts

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