Extensive experience in designing,
developing and manufacturing

Inmold has extensive experience in designing, developing and manufacturing of plastic injection molds for the production of plastic pipe fittings. We produce parts in a wide range of shapes and sizes for any application. The molds are manufactured according to the highest standards, as well as custom parts for special applications.

Lowest costs-highest flexibility

Inmold molds are manufactured exclusively from high-grade steels on the newest machines available on the market. We design our molds with standard products for non-specific parts to ensure that our customers all around the world can perform small maintenance and repairs at the lowest cost possible and with highest flexibility.

Always meets the expectations

The first step towards building a new mold is careful analysis of the production and process circumstances, conducted in close cooperation with the customer. These data, combined with the wishes and specifications of the customer, are used to develop a fitting mold concept. This guarantees a final product which always meets the expectations of the new owner.

Extensive experience with every project

Extensive experience of INMOLD in design and manufacturing of molds improves with every project. We also make extra efforts to improve the processes and development of innovative solutions. By doing this, we are able to strengthen both the medium and long-term competitive advantage of our customers.

Our aim is to continuously expand the scope of services to our customers. In addition to production of new molds, we offer repair and complete refurbishment of old molds for plastic fittings. Thanks to our experience, we are able to bring back molds which have been exploited for decades to running at full capacity. 

All fluids

High temperature plastics

PVC, PP, PE, ABS, PPR, filled polymers

Single or multicavity molds


In-Mould Labelling


Collapsible cores

Accessories, caps covers, O-rings,etc.

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