Development-production center

The fact that Inmold is recognized as a hub of development and innovation is also proven by the subvention from the “Innovation Fund” of the Republic of Serbia. The “Matching Grants Program,” in which our company participates, is intended for private companies that already have a market presence and strive towards constant improvement and strengthening of their market position through creating innovative products, services, and technologies. The goal of the program is the development of working collectives and production based on knowledge, encouraging the establishment of cooperation at international level and technological improvement.

As a respectable global company that meets all these prerequisites, Inmold has been awarded a subvention for a project called “Inmold labeling ultralightweight packaging mould.” Together with his team, our head of thin-wall packaging molds department, Rade Joksimovic, mechanical engineer and longtime employee of the company, has developed the lightest thin-wall one-liter pail in the world. The outcome of the project was that we managed to reduce the weight of the pail from 36g to 24,5g, which equals a raw material saving of 31.94%.

The granted funds will enable us to keep up with our technological prosperity and competitiveness in the market, as well as to create innovative products that will suit the demands of customers who are the leaders of the EU in the field of plastic packaging injection. This will lead to a decrease in raw material consumption, which is very important considering the strict regulations of the EU regarding the impact of plastics on the environment. Thanks to our efforts and rapid technological advancement, we have reached the status of a “development-production center,” conferred on us by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.