Healthy diet to perfection

On Tuesday, our dear friend and nutritionist from Waga Center, Mrs. Nađa Radonjić, visited us. Nađa arrived from Novi Sad, and within two lectures, we had the opportunity to learn a lot about healthy diet and ways to improve our life and health.

Nađa studied in London, where she completed her studies and received the title of graduate nutritionist. She is dealing with solving the problem of obesity, as well as problems such as high cholesterol, diabetes, insulin resistance, etc. 

The lectures were divided into two sessions, and Mrs. Nađa presented us with ways of healthy eating. She explained to us what healthy fats, sugars, and fibers are and how they should be consumed. Also, she introduced us with a healthy meal plan and we could see how many calories each food has and how our daily meals affect our health.

What was also useful were the guidelines on how to learn to regulate some health parameters that we have difficulties with. Throughout the lecture, we had the opportunity to enjoy snacks from Nađa’s healthy cuisine, as well as to discuss how to include all these tips in our company’s kitchen and thus provide our employees with an even better and healthier diet.