Inmold and Meusburger: Dual Education as a Bridge for Collaboration

Last week, we participated in a study visit named “Beyond,” organized by the Regional Development Agency Zlatibor for a delegation of 28 individuals. The delegation included representatives from 5 technical high schools in Serbia (Prijepolje, Priboj, and Nova Varoš) and Montenegro (Nikšić, Pljevlja), representatives from professional institutions (Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Zlatibor District and the Center for Vocational Training Nikšić), representatives from private sector companies (Inmold Group, FAP Priboj, FTS Priboj, Trendtex Prijepolje), as well as representatives from project teams from RDA Zlatibor and Technopolis Nikšić.

On the first day, our focus was on visiting Meusburger Company. Representatives from the company presented the dual education system in Austria, the training concept within Meusburger, coach engagement, and the networking of the private, educational, and institutional sectors in the technological region of Forarlberg/Austria. After the presentation, we toured the production facility and the practical training area for students.

The following day, we visited a high school in Bregenz, part of the dual education system, and participated in the i-Messe training fair. Various companies showcased information about future professions. The fair drew an impressive 16,500 visitors, with 80% being students and the remainder consisting of teachers and parents. This diverse audience contributed to a dynamic atmosphere, facilitating a rich exchange of information about future professions and educational opportunities.

Professor Tomislav Miletić, a mentor for practical training in our company and a representative of our company in the program, returned on Friday with valuable experiences and insights into the best practices of dual education. This engagement represents not just a journey but a step towards building bridges between different educational systems.