Inmold’s School of English Language

As the business concept of our company pays great attention to employees’ professional development, we are glad to say that an English language school has been established within the company.

English is significant in today’s business world so in Inmold 4.0. classes are organized for the permanent improvement of employees, who have the opportunity to attend three classes during the week, one of which lasts 45 minutes. Professor Ivana Matović holds classes for employees every working day, and they teach grammar and vocabulary, as well as communication. All class types are groups, the atmosphere in the classes is delightful, and Ivana’s friendly smile is always there to relax her students, which is one of the most important things when learning a new language.

Also, there is a periodic knowledge test, with the help of which Professor Ivana decides in which direction the course will go and what level of English the employee will attend.