Personal effectiveness – time management tools

Every business starts as a vision in somebody’s head, an idea. The would-be founder dreams up everything they could do and spends days and nights crafting ambitious plans for the future. But what to do when we lose our compass and have no more time to think?

Dr. Ichak Adizes, founder and director of the Adizes Institute, traced the path of large and small organizations and realized that most go through a predictable cycle of growth and change. One of the problems that he noticed was time management.

This seminar answered the question of how to take control of your life at least a little more than before – which is the goal of any improvement. The truth in this area is in determining priorities, i.e. what is really important to you in life, with small nuggets of practice and wisdom and constantly thinking about how to save time.

We had the opportunity to learn many life-applicable tips that helped us realize how to come and leave work satisfied.