Scholarship holders’ National competition rewards

At the National competition of mechanical schools held in May, our scholarship holders once again demonstrated their outstanding knowledge and skills. Kosta Šojić and Siniša Obradović, students of the fourth and third year of the “Technical School” in Požega, were participants, but also holders of valuable prizes in this competition.

Kosta Šojić competed with seven other students in the category “programming KU milling machine – CAD/CAM software package” and, having shown exceptional skills, won the first prize. The ones behind this success are certainly our professors Vladan Vesnić, Toni Smiljanić and Dragan Vujović, who dedicated a lot of time and effort to provide Kosta with the highest quality training that will be useful for his further professional development.

Competing with ten other students, Siniša Obradović justified the hours and days spent on training with professors Zoran Petrović and Dragan Medojević by winning second place in the discipline “machining operator – router”. Despite the health problem he was facing, Siniša showed excellent knowledge and great effort.

We would like to take this opportunity to once again congratulate our scholarship holders, as well as the professors who invested their time and knowledge and made it possible for us to celebrate this day together.